How to Remove Dried & Settled Stains in Persian & Oriental Rugs

How to Remove Dried & Settled Stains in Persian & Oriental Rugs

Persian Rug Cleaning Tips: How to Remove Deep & Dried Stains

Persian and Oriental rugs are beautiful statement pieces, making them a popular choice for homeowners to decorate their halls, rooms, and entryways. Due to their delicate nature, it is essential that all stains and spots are immediately cleaned to avoid any permanent damage, but it can sometimes be difficult to find every spill that occurs. In the case that stains have settled and dried into your rug, this can make it a challenge to thoroughly clean. In this blog, we will discuss the different methods to use when removing dried and permanent stains to restore the beauty of your Persian or Oriental rug.

Importance of Cleaning Persian & Oriental Rug Stains immediately

Persian and Oriental rugs are usually made from wool, silk, or cotton fibers that can easily become damaged when stained, ripped, or frayed. These rugs are usually valuable and expensive, so keeping them clean is important for their durability. If you spill something on your rug, you must act quickly. If the stain has time to settle into your rug, it can permanently alter the coloration and feel, making it look old and worn out quickly over time.

How to Clean Persian Rugs Stains that Have Dried & Settled

If you have your Persian rug placed in a busy area of your home, it can be difficult to be aware of all the spots that appear on your rug. If the spilled item has dried, removing these stains can be a challenge. Luckily, there are some steps you can take to remove these deep and dried stains on your Persian rug.

Loosen Any Dirt with a Gentle Brush & Vacuum

Before you can really get into the stain, the first step is to loosen any dirt or debris on your rug’s surface. Using a solution of water and white vinegar, a soft brush can be used to scrub the surface of your rug gently. Once you’ve loosened any debris, vacuum it up.

Scrub the Stain Using a Carpet Cleaner

Once the surface is clear of any debris, you can now concentrate on the stain itself. If you have a steam cleaner or carpet cleaner, this is an excellent tool to use for deep and dried stains. You may also manually scrub using a solution of water and dish soap to break down the stain.

Rinse & Air Dry Your Rug

After you have scrubbed your rug thoroughly, it is important to rinse away any excess cleaning solution before drying. Rinse your rug with clean water until all of the soapy residue has been removed. Next, make sure the rug is dried completely by hanging it outside or placing it flat in direct sunlight using fans and air circulation. This will prevent any mold or mildew from forming.

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