How to Remove Stains from Persian Rugs

How to Remove Stains from Persian Rugs

Persian rugs are handmade, unique, and truly a statement piece in any home. Persian rugs are made using high-quality wool fibers that should last for quite some time. Caring for your Persian rug regularly will improve the appearance of the rug and extend its lifespan. Follow these steps to get your Persian rug looking good as new! 

Removing Loose Debris 

Begin by taking the rug outside and shaking it out. Larger rugs can be hung over a fence or clothesline and hit with a broom for a similar effect. Continue shaking or hitting the rug until there’s no more visible debris coming off of it. If you’re using a broom to hit the rug, don’t forget to flip it over and get the other side too! 

Vacuum the Rug

Once the loose debris is off the rug, it’s time to vacuum. Begin by flipping the rug over and vacuuming the back of the rug. This helps loosen dirt and grime that’s stuck in the fibers of the rug. Flip the rug over and vacuum as normal. Avoid any loose fringe while you vacuum. Loose fringe and long carpet fibers should only be vacuumed using an upholstery attachment. 

Spot Cleaning 

A small stain here or there on the rug can usually be removed using a spot cleaning method. The sooner you can clean the stain after it occurs, the better. Start by blotting up any liquid left behind using a towel. Don’t scrub the stain! Scrubbing pushes the stain further into the carpet. Next, mix warm water with detergent. Use a soft sponge to apply the detergent and water mixture to the stain. Gently move the sponge across the stain. When you think the stain is gone, use a sponge with regular water to remove any remaining detergent from the rug. Detergent actually attracts dirt and debris, so removing it all is vital! 

Washing the Rug 

If your Persian rug looks like it has seen better days, it might be time for a handwashing session. Complete the same steps that you would for a spot cleaning. Instead of just cleaning a stain, start at one corner of the rug and work towards the other side. Dip your sponge frequently into the water/detergent mixture. After cleaning the rug with plain water to remove the remaining detergent, get the rug elevated. This will allow air to circulate around the rug so it can dry. Leaving moisture trapped in the rug or on the rug pad could lead to mold and mildew inside the home. 

Contact Persia Oriental Rug today to learn more about Persian rug cleaning techniques. If maintaining your rug seems like too much of a project to take on by yourself, our team can handle it for you!