4 Reasons Why Your Rug Is Destroyed Easily

4 Reasons Why Your Rug Is Destroyed Easily

You recently purchased a rug that would look perfect in your living room and it should last for a long time for the price that you paid. Then, all of a sudden, you see tears and wears after a period of time. Ever wonder why your rug is destroyed so easily? Here are 5 potential reasons why rug is destroyed easily.

1. Never Alternating Your Rug Position

If you have daily traffic on the rug, the rug is very likely to become uneven and it wears a lot easier than the side that receives little traffic. So, you need to rotate your rug consistently to make it less likely to wear.

2. Not Vacuuming

Vacuuming consistently helps to keep your rug clean and fresh. Dirt and dust tend to build up very fast and it is not beneficial for your health to breathe them in. The situation gets worse when you have pets such as a dog or cat at home.

3. Forgetting to Clean Up the Stains

If you have ever spill coffee, wine, or soda that may have a ever-lasting impact on your rug, you should clean up the stains immediately. Contact Persia Oriental Rug at 508-753-4667 to learn how you can clean up and mitigate the problem

4. Not Calling a Deep Cleaning Expert

It is highly recommended that you should call a professional rug cleaner to deep clean your rug so all the dirt and dust that are in the rug can be flushed out. A rug cleaning specialist have the expertise and experience to clean and treat your rug.

Check out this video to see how your rug is deep cleaned by us.

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