5 Rug Pad Benefits

5 Rug Pad Benefits

An area rug is a perfect way to add color and style to any room of the home without the hassle of laying down carpet around the whole home. Indeed, rugs are gaining in popularity as a versatile and fashionable option for home décor. However, they are not without their faults, and it is important for rug owners to consider the safety and longevity of the item. A simple rug pad is a wonderful and easy solution to a variety of problems that come hand in hand with area rugs. Here are five benefits of using a rug pad.

  1. Safety First

Many rugs in the home are used in the living room where they are weighted down by a coffee table or sofa. Other rugs in bedrooms may be held down by the weight of the bed. However, if you’ve ever used a rug without weighing it down, you know just how dangerous they can be!

Most rugs lack any kind of grip, so they slide freely on hardwood or tile floors. Luckily, rug pads are made for a variety of floor surfaces so that they have maximum grip. Placing a rug on top of a rug pad with a special grip will ensure that no one goes slipping and sliding around the room.

  1. Increase Rug Lifespan

While good rugs are made to last a long time, there still need to be certain precautionary measures taken to prevent undue damage. Over time, household dirt and debris can find its way underneath the rug. If these bits are sharp, they can rip the carpet from the underside and become lodged within the fibers to create damage. Rugs that experience high foot traffic are even more susceptible to this kind of damage. A rug pad can prevent this debris from getting stuck in the rug and will prevent further damage.

  1. Better Cleaning

You should get your rug professionally cleaned occasionally, but a general vacuuming at home is enough for regular maintenance. A rug pad can make your vacuuming more efficient by creating airflow between the rug and the hard floor underneath.

  1. A Softer Step

A rug pad does just what its name suggests – offers an extra layer of padding underneath the rug. This means that your rug is more comfortable to walk on throughout the day. The extra cushioning also makes the rug an ideal place to sit on the floor comfortably, to play with the kids or to simply lie out and watch TV.

  1. Keeps the Floor Clean

Because most rugs are chosen to provide style, color, and design to a room, they are often made with bright or deep hues. These dyes can fade over time and often they find themselves leaking out to the floor underneath. If you have wood flooring, this can be disastrous and hard to remove. A rug pad, however, provides that necessary protection against those leaking dyes. In addition, the rug pad will safeguard the floor underneath from any spilled liquids that have made it onto the rug.

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An area rug in your home should add color, style and comfort. Make sure that your rug continues to do that for years to come by investing in a high-quality rug pad for extra protection and coziness in your home. Buy rug pads from Persia Oriental Rug Gallery today!