Oriental Rug Cleaning Could Benefit Your Health

At Persia Oriental Rug, we serve the greater Boston area with over 30 years of experience caring for and cleaning oriental rugs. Each rug is cleaned by hand and receives special treatment by us. Our rug cleaning process is to use the most effective yet simple cleaning methods possible. We stick with dye-free, perfume-free soaps; pure, clean water, and quick and efficient drying minimizing the strain on the rug during the process. Some of the oriental rug cleaning services we provide our clients are rug sanitization, rug scotch guard, mothproofing, and cleaning tips.

Our rug cleaning process removes toxins, dust, stains, odors, and bacteria which benefits your health and leaves your rug looking like new again! By eliminating these dangerous pollutants, your oriental rug can prevent mold and bacteria growth in the rug itself and throughout your home. At Paris Oriental Rug, we are dedicated to your health and satisfaction by ensuring your gorgeous rug is the highlight of the room and isn’t holding onto dangerous toxins that could become airborne and affect your health!

Aside from added the health benefits, Persia Oriental Rug is the quickest and effective way to handle any of your rugs. Contact us for a free estimate of our cleaning services on your oriental rug at 508-753-4667 or use our contact form! Remove all those toxins from your oriental rug and call us now!