Can Persian Rugs Work with Minimalism?

Can Persian Rugs Work with Minimalism?

While minimalism emerged in the 1950s, it has hit a new level of popularity in the last decade. Because of its affordability and versatility, it doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. Of course, the general idea of minimalism is ultimate simplicity. This less is more attitude might seem to clash with the idea of intricate and complex designs of Persian or Oriental antique rugs, they are actually quite compatible in practice, here’s why.


There’s Nothing for Them to Clash With

Many people want a Persian rug in their home, but what’s stopping them is that they have already committed to a different pattern that would clash with the ornate lines of a Persian rug. On the other hand, finding something that will clash with a minimalist design language is a challenge unto itself. You’re guaranteed not to have this problem and you have the most freedom when it comes to choosing a rug.


The Empty Space Will Make It Pop

While minimalism is all about creating space, this extra space can really make the design and color of a Persian rug pop and receive all the attention it deserves. If you are a lover of Persian Rugs, then you know that they need to be seen by anyone who walks in the room. Minimalism can be the perfect foundation to display your rug, and avoid it getting lost in the crowd or going unnoticed.


Persian Rugs Can be Found in Any Color Palette

With our diverse selection of Persian rugs, you can take your time and find the one with the right color tones for your living space. A high quality antique rug is definitely an investment that will last you a lifetime, so you’ll want to make the right choice the first time. Whether your home is full of greens & blues, warm oranges & reds, or color neutral white & greyscale, you can definitely find a Persian rug that fits your needs.


Keep your Living Space from Feeling Empty

While minimalism can be a great design choice, especially for young people who like to keep things simple, it isn’t entirely without criticism. The downside is that it can sometimes leave a room feeling a bit empty and boring. A Persian Rug can be the perfect antidote to this feeling, and can really brighten up a room while contrasting the simple elegance of minimalism.


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